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  • Yeah that seems to work better but anytime I click the measure button it closes out the program. IDK Motoman has some work to do with their software but going by the attitude ive gotten from them they will never fix the issues.

  • Depends alot on who is your contact. I have given a lot of feedback on the bugs found in MotoSim directly to the guy who gave me MotoSim training. He is in contact with the developers and has always been grateful for the feedback.

    And yes, there still are bugs. Never seen that one though.

  • If you purchased MotoSim from Yaskawa, your dongle is good for 4 or 5 years worth of upgrades. I’ve been using motosim for a few years and I can tell you that it has gotten much better.

    First, make sure you have a copy of the original motosim version you purchased. I would hate to say to upgrade and then not be able to go back to where you were.

    Find out when you purchased your motosim key. From there, you can go 4 or 5 years up in revisions before motosim will no longer recognize the key.

  • Also, it has been my experience that motosim favors a high frequency cpu vs more cores. Anything quad core and up with a fast clock speed will serve you well. My core i7 8086k is overclocked to 5.2GHz all cores and it runs like an absolute beast. It easily out performs the massive workstation xeon processors.

    Video memory will be useful as well. I run a gtx1080ti, but my laptop with a gtx1060 6gb runs just fine as well.

    Another top tip, if you are not using the cam feature, bringing in your models in a 3ds format greatly improves performance as well. Ive done many comparisons with 3ds vs parasolid formats and can tell you that lots of parasolid models will start to have an impact on system performance. And finally, taking the time to strip your models of useless bolts, shims and other items that do not have an effect on programming path. Doing all of this will help your motosim experience greatly.

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