IRPK-062 - Setting up a tracking frame, one day works, on the next day it doesnt...

  • Hey guys, I am trying to make an iRPickTool simulation and yesterday I quickly set up my cell and tracking frame, but I didn't save it and had to restart my PC, so today I am redoing it all over again. The funny thing is that today, I am not able to set the tracking frame and I am doing the exact same thing that I did yesterday. I am trying to set it up on a circular conveyor (rotary table), and as the manual says, I am setting the first point in the upstream part of the conveyor at the edge of the robot envelop (thats the side where the parts are coming from), then in the middle of the work envelop that is within the conveyor and then at the most downstream point. I am using a dot pattern linked to the table and I am rotating the conveyor so it rotates with it, but I keep getting this error:

    IRPK-062 WARN The points are too close together to calculate the frame. this is a screenshot from my cell, with X I have marked the spots where I record my points, I have also shown the order and the direction of rotation of the table.

    What might be the issue? When I start the simulation, the table is rotating, parts are appearing and the encoder is counting. When I am setting the points, I am manually rotating the table, as I did yesterday.

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