How to combine two DCS zone ?

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  • You could try making one big rectangle that contains both your zones where the robot has to stay inside. Then you need to remove the corner by making a smaller dcs zone that the robot has to stay outside off.

    Thank you for your answer
    but we have to differentiate the two areas.
    one in purple for the production mode on the picture
    and the second one in blue for the teaching zone, it crosses as on the images and it's these zone that we would like to make common but when we activate both zones and we want to make the robot pass from one zone to the other it stop to move.

    so if you have any ideas can you help us please

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    I was told by Fanuc that it's not possible to combine zones that it has to be in like that.

    You can make it like TomTom suggested, one big zone with the corner excluded, then add 2 more zones to turn off the areas that shouldn't be used at some point

  • You can enable/disable zones using the DCS I/O inputs depending on whether you are in production mode or teaching mode. You will need the DCS I/O option and hardware for the robot and a safety circuit to select the mode of operation.

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