OrientZYX vs Rx-Ry'-Rz"

  • Quick question concerning OrientZYX in RAPID.

    All my previous experience in using vision systems on ABBs has been with vision that used Rz-Ry'-Rx" Euler angles, and so I just used OrientZYX(Rz,Ry,Rx) in my RAPID code and it worked fine. But I have a colleague who needs to use an Rx-Ry'-Rz" vision system with an IRC5.

    If I understand the underlying math of OrientZYX correctly, if he uses OrientZYX (Rx, Ry, Rz), with the vision data he has, he still gets the correct Quaternion equivalent, right? The order the arguments are passed to OrientZYX just has to match the Euler sequence used by the vision system.

    Or am I wrong?

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