temporarily disable shock sensor

  • I am integrating a YRC1000 weld robot with a Fronius CMT welder and Fronius crashbox (clutch/shock sensor). As of now, the cell is being built but I have temp power to my controllers but not my welders. I'm assuming because of this, I cannot clear my shock sensor alarm and keep it from coming back after release and reset.

    My question is, is there a parameter that I can set to disable (temporarily) the shock sensor or do I have to jumper out the shock sensor inside the cabinet.

    If so, I do I jumper it out?


  • Hello brian.b,

    Go to the Schock Sens Level menu under [ROBOT] -->[SHOCK SENS LEVEL], find the cond. no 9 and change the detect level acording to your aplicattion. This procedure will chanmge the level only in teach mode.

    Rafael Schroer

    Motoman & ABB OLP Programmer

  • I don't necessarily want to change the level but to disable it so that the shock sensor isn't being used at all.

    I went to that page and made it invalid and messed with the levels but I'm still getting the alarm.

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