kuka LBR iiwa 7 R800

  • Hi Robot-forum,

    Having troubles running our program on a Kuka LBR IIWA 7 R800.

    We get the following errors - see attached picture:

    We have a deadline tomorrow, so would appreciate fast responds :smiling_face:

  • Probably this is a late reply for you but anyways,

    It seems either your code to instanciation and initializing process of the IOGroup or the beckhoff modules is being something wrong.

    If you're using OS version later than 1.11, use @Inject for instanciate IOGroup class without initializing it. You can find how on your SunriseOS_END_... document.

    Or, simply check your beckhoff coupler if everything is working fine. there should be 4 green LEDs turned on or blinking.

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