Wheels for Robot Doll

  • Hello,

    I’m an artist usually based in London but currently in Perth visiting family over the summer holidays. I’m preparing a life-sized version of myself to be part of an exhibition in Queensland in late January 2020, so for ordering materials and delivery my location would be here in Australia.

    I am looking for some information on weight bearing programmable wheels for using on a life sized humanoid figure. Previously I have used two remote control cars as my robot’s ‘feet,’ but I was conscious that the cars weren’t able to function very long because they weren’t designed to hold the weight of the figure. The figure weighs approximately 20kg.

    I would like to either construct or purchase a pre-constructed product (one for each ‘foot’) that would be able to function as the robot’s feet. Ideally these wheeled feet would be programmable so that the robot could move without remote control. I am very basically familiar with Raspberry Pi and have used programming with it to make remote controllable shoes previously, but the components I used with them wouldn’t be able to hold the weight of the life-sized figure.

    Here are some links to the videos of the works I reference above.

    Life-sized moving doll:


    Thank you for any advice you can offer!!!


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