Improvements KUKA.Sim Pro 2.1 compared to 2.0

  • Hello,

    you find attached a summary of the improvements in KUKA.Sim 2.1, if you think about an update:

    - A bigger component library (new robots, linear, Posiflex positioners, conveyors, grippers, dress packages, tutorials)
    - 3D dimensions and labels
    - Assign units (Metric and Imperial)
    - New filters to select a component
    - Faster opening of a layout when several identical components in the layout
    - Display shadows
    - advanced Python programming for RSL Statements (Teach – Tab)
    - Support for Windows Vista

    You find a complete list about all the improvements at:

  • AD
  • hopely in next improvement KUKA Sim add Cycle , now only lave PTP & LIN only,
    when i connect to Officelite to get the cycle time make the problem, especially in Welding Simulation

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