Fanuc Robot position / data reg file opening

  • Hey guys,

    I have a backup of an robot that I cant seem to open up in my older version of roboguide (doing the create a cell from backup). The customer set me backups & I also have backups. I am looking for a way to compare the data and position registers. I don't mind doing it manually I just need to be able to open them. Mostly the data registers. I am not sure if there is a way to view the numreg file. Or a way to take an existing roboguide sim and just import the data reg's to look at them.

    Any suggestions?


  • 1. Create a dummy project and import the .vr by right clicking on the relevant variable in the project tree.

    2. Select import from loadset and point it at the backup files folder you have.

    3. It should import the .vr of the selected variable into the project tree.

    4. You can then view the data in Roboguide.

    5. You can then right click on that variable table, select save and then select the .va extension.

    6. Then you can open it up in a text editor to view them.

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