Laser distance sensor

  • Hello my good friends in the robot world, I am using a laser distance sensor to tell me the distance between parts and where to pick from inside of my pick program , the logic inside the PLC is used to do the same and is set to a specific numerical order to allow the robot to pick using a group output, i know this is pretty vague and if there is anyone whom has any knowledge on this if they can help me with any suggestions as to what type of logic I can use inside of the program to tell the robot to stop if the distance doesn’t match the tolerance or is there any type of logic If any that I can use inside of the program?..

    it would be greatly appreciated thanks guys, also I am using an ABB

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  • Hello,

    I used a SICK OD1000-6001R15 laser sensor in order to measure the position where the stack is stopping. The robot is not ABB, is Kawasaki, but the logic inside the program was something like this:

    When the stack arrived, the robot is measuring the the stack position and it will compare with the initial position. The robot has to put a label inside that stack, thats why the robot needs to know where the stack stopped

    gap = DY(InitPlacePos) - DY(measuredpoint) this will return how far away the stack stopped. If the gap is not between the tolerance that i setted, the robot has 2 options: 1. measure again the stack, 2. the label has been put manually, return home.

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