QUESTIONS IN RSI example in Ethernet

  • KSS v8.3, RSI 3.2

    I am new in robot programmer.

    I am using the example code to understanding realtime control the robot. In the first example named Cartesian correction via Ethernet, the server just could control the robot moved for a bit and the robot gives am error: POSCORR out of range, RSI is stopped(translate like that) .

    And then I have tried to correct the prameter POSCORR in the RSIVisual, and generate new config file, but it does not work for this problem.

    By the way, the robot moves tremblely in this program, how to smoothly control the active?

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  • Thanks for the reply! And it works.

    But the TCP position could extend and works well, but the TCP rotational angle(A,B,C dimension) can not works as what I extend.

    By default the maximum total position adjustment is limited to 6mm. You can use the poscorrmon object in RSIVisual to extend the limit.

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