KUKA KMR200 MobilePlatformVelocityMotion

  • Hi,

    I am currently working on a project with KMR200. I want to move the robot by sending commands in form of velocity, not including a destination in form of a pose.

    I have tested the class MobilePlatformVelocityMotion in the package com.kuka.roboticsAPI.motionModel.kmp without success. No errors are received, and the robot is not moving.

    The relevant part of the application is attached. The application is launched from the smartPAD in operation mode T1 (with the enable motion button pressed) and different velocities in x-direction in range 100-300 mm/s have been tested.

    Do someone have an idea of why this is not working, or how the KMR can be moved by sending sequential velocity commands?

    Kind regards,



    Sunrise.OS 1.16

    Sunrise.Mobility 1.10 KMP 200

    Sunrise.Mobility 1..10 KMP_KMR oM

  • AD
  • MobilePlatformVelocityMotion is an internally used object. What you are trying to accomplish would require a MobilePlatformRelativeMotion parameterized with a setVelocity command instead. Syntax would be as follows.

    MobilePlatformRelativeMotion test = new MobilePlatformRelativeMotion( dx, dy, dtheta );

    test.setVelocity( transVel, rotVel );

    units are mm and rads.

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