MRC 3011 Alarm

  • Hello have a MRC with the alarm 3011 comming up Before i can even start the robot.

    (welding interrupted)

    Usually this type of alarm comes up if the weld is having trouble igniting Before a weld but now it comes up as soon as we Close the gate and start the servos. Then it goes into external hold.

    I can move the robot manually just fine, but as soon as i push interlock + test start, the weld interrupted alarm comes up even though the robot is still in home position.

    Any ideas of what causes this?

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  • Maybe it is somehow related to outside outputs. When You test a program with Interlock FWD, The MRC turns up OUT's and reacts to IN's. When You move robot axis by hand or even push FWD on MOV instruction selected inside program MRC only drives a robot - I/O is inactive. So it seems that when You start test program MRC turns up something outside and that something gives back a signal to interrupt welding. I suppose it can be something about Safety (because external Hold takes place). Or maybe there is some outside CPU connected that monitors welding station (for instance) and indicates Error/Stop for MRC?


  • Is the alarm 3011 servo on defective speed?

    If so there are many many things that can cause this.

    If the robot was running and this alarm just started coming up

    You can have a bad servo pack, bad motor, bad base cable or bad internal harness (also check the 2BC cable where it plugs into the base of the robot to make sure the pins are not burn or pushed in). If all of this is okay then you have to start looking at the MSV cards, MCP02 card or the rack.

    If this robot is new to you and you don't know the history

    Check the EEPROM chips on the MSV01 and MSV02 cards to make sure they match. The version on these chips MUST match the system software (you'll have to contact Yaskawa for the list of what MSV chips go with what version of software.

    Check that the servo packs are correct for the robot you have, replace the servo pack.

    Replace the internal harness

    Replace the motor.


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