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  • Hello Everyone,

    maybe someone knows about Motoman XRC FTP(SAVE) function? I have made all adjustments on both XRC and PC, I can see "ls" or even "get ***.jbi; ***.prm; ***.dat". This is at PC side. But i can't see any "FTP(SAVE)" or "FTP(LOAD)" under "Floppy DISK/PC CARD" in Pendant screen . If I select 'FD/PC -> DEVICE -> FTP', then in the FD/PC section become visible only two selections 'DEVICE' and 'FTP PROFILE'. And it is strange, because "FTP Function Instruction Manual No. 145603-1" clearly shows me that there is a possibility to FTP SAVE. What I'm missing? Is there some special parameter that needs to be enabled?

    Here is info from my XRC SYSTEM.SYS

    //SYSTEM NO : X5.2KA(US/DE)-00

    //PARAM NO : 3.78



    XCP01 : 5.2K, 5.00

    XSP01 : 2.12, 1.02

    WRCA#0 : 5.31-ML, 2.00

    XCP01 : ST#15 ,XCI01 , 3.01-00/ 3.01-00

    XCP02#1 : XCP02 , 3.10, 2.00

    SL1 : ----------------- ,--------

    SL2 : ----------------- ,--------

    NET1 : ETHERNET , 3.10

    B.T.W. I was trying to communicate with XRC thru FileZilla client... connection was ok, but Zilla could not retrieve XRC's folder info. It opens empty and control window shows warning that 'CWD command is not implemented'. I do not know why it is so. Anyway, i did not bother my self about that and simply connected thru CMD - works perfect!


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