fanuc and IO link

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  • What you are referring to are two different "IO Link" busses. The popular sensor bus "IO Link" is a device level protocol. FANUC's IO Link is a proprietary serial bus. They are two separate protocols.

    yes i understand this. I am asking if anyone has controlled an IO link device like an IFM Master IO link module to connect sensors to. So say i wanted to keep all devices in my system the same and the rest of the system is using IFM IO link modules, then i would attach one to the Fanuc EOAT and plug all sensor in to it. I would have to configure it using ethernet IP scanner option.

  • I have not used IO link yet in plc or a fanuc robot but i am looking into it. I see that you need a IO link master for the AB plc but has anyone use IO link sensors connected directly to a fanuc robot?

    Yes used Balluff IO Link straight connect to robot over Ethernet/IP

  • Well since your mapping the IO through the robot and not the PLC you pretty much negate a lot of the benefits of IO-Link devices like the modularized coding (pre-designed AOI's from the manufacture) and any interactive face plates that have been created for the product.

  • Yes used Balluff IO Link straight connect to robot over Ethernet/IP

    I'm using Balluf IO Link, but I'm having some troubles with mapping. The ports are set as IO Link but for the mapping of the signals it only let me us a range of signals as if it was a normal module... could you provide me a backup or give some advice? I don't know for sure if I have to do additional configurations or something... Thanks in advance :)

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