step mode indicator

  • I made a BG job to turn off step mode when the TP is off and the system is in auto by using variable $SSR.$SINGLESTEP. I tested it and I can see that the variable changes from 1 to 0. However, when I do this, the step mode indication on the TP (upper LH corner) does not turn off and remains yellow. Does anyone know if those indicators are tied to a variable or what I can do to get that to turn off when it is supposed to?

    To clear it, I have to turn the TP on, put it in step, and then back out of step in order to get rid of the step mode indication.

  • That is one of the quirks with using that variable. I only use it for outputting single step status. Never writing to it, as I've had the same issues as you are seeing.

    I usually just setup the system to turn off single step when the robot is fired up in auto, by using the production check under program select under the setup menu.

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  • The variable is just a statusindicator just as the led on the teachpendant, and just as disabeling the led, changing the variable don't change the step-mode itself.

    I use it in my start-program.

    I look at the variable and when it is in step-mode, I abort the program, prompting the operator to disable the step-mode and start again.

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