Mastering in a restricted space

  • Hey all!

    I am fairly new to the world of 6 axis arms. My background is as a manufacturing engineer, and I am now an automation applications engineer for a press brake manufacturer. I have 3 product lines, 1 of which operates in a very tight space, also utilizing DCS. Today, I hooked my machine up after it had sat for 3 months without power, and what do you know - dead batteries... time to remaster.

    Due to the tight nature of the robots allowed operating area, I am unable to perform a 0 mastering. I can get 5 joints to 0, but 1 cannot be brought in due to collision.

    My question is, what is the best way to master this bad boy when my physical constraints limit me? Thanks!

    Fanuc M20ia/20T


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  • Unsure of the capabilities of your specific robot brand. We installed a Staubli arm once upon a time in a similar tough situation. Staubli showed us how to change the mastering pose to something more useful. We simply had to put our own scribe marks on the joint in question. It was also deemed critical to sufficiently document the non-standard condition for others who came after.

  • If the robot hadn't moved, and you knew the coordinates of the position it was left in, You could enter those numbers in under single axis mastering.

    Failing that, if you knew the coordinates of a known position, you could move to that position, and again, enter those coordinates in single axis mastering.

    Of course, you will need to establish a pulse code signal, so write down where it thinks it is, and move each axis enough to establish a pulse code. then do the above.

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