Maintenance RA006LA Manual

  • Hello People!

    I`m newbie in the forum.

    Someone have the generic maintenance and generic spare parts manual of RA006LA Kawasaki robot?

    Thanks for any help!:)

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  • Welcome to the forum...…..:beerchug:

    Both of these manuals are usually included in the CD/DVD supplied with the equipment.

    If you were supplied via an integrator, request this CD/DVD from them, alternatively they are freely available from your local Kawasaki distributor.

    There is no such manual as 'generic spares' as different revisions of equipment are manufactured and hardware differences exist between these revisions, so it is best to obtain the correct revision spare parts manual specific to your revision of equipment to ensure the correct part no's will be correct to your equipment from your local Kawasaki distributor/integrator.

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