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  • I don't think, but you can make this verification in karel if you have the option installed.

    1) Hallo, With Karel, how can I get a program exists or not, I hope default folder is MD:\,

    PROGRAM Kareltest



    IF (MD:\Test_Name) THEN

    DOUT[238]= TRUE


    DOUT[238]= FALSE


    END Kareltest


    2) Does karel logic runs as BGLOGIC or does it raises mixed logic error?


  • You can not run it in BG logic but you can make it loop with GO TO ex:


    --Program section

    DELAY 100

    GO TO loop

    %NOABORT=ERROR+COMMAND will be useful in this case

    Personally, I recommend you to call this program only when you want to make the verfication.

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