ABB YuMi - Error 34316 & 34318

  • Hi all,

    Looking for some advice on an issue we're having with one of our ABB YuMi (IRB 14000) robots.

    The events leading up to this issue are unknown unfortunately but the result is the following errors:

    • Event Message 34316 - Motor Current Error
      • Joint rob_R_4

    • Event Message 34318 - Driver Inverter Saturated Error
      • Joint rob_R_4

    As a result the motors are stuck in the "Off" state. The right arm can be moved by pressing the release button on the under-body.

    I have visually inspected the arm and removed covers around Joint 4 but nothing stands out to me.

    Can anyone shed some light on:

    1. Root cause - e.g. roughly man-handled by some idiot damaging the joint brakes/robot collisions
    2. Fix/direction on next steps - we have contacted ABB but no response yet.
    • Helpful

    This means the drive is not able control the motor on axis 4 before the PWM exceeds the calculated duty cycle. This is either a motor, wire, or the drive its self. You could also check to see if the axis seam stiff but that is usually a motion error.


  • Matt,

    If it was the drive would this mean that none of the other axis can be operated too? We have noticed that even if we now try to jog any other axis separately using the pendant joystick it throws up the same error.

  • Fault found!

    "V right4" cable (White) to Axis 4 motor was broken inside the arm in the vicinity of axis 3. Also some damage to "W right 4" (Black) cable. Repaired and added extra protection/insulation to the cables.

    See attached image.

    Have highlighted the issue to ABB and awaiting a response.

    Helpful document for debug: 3HAC050778-003 (Pages 32 & 42)

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