A Strange problem on ethernetkrl connection

  • i success on connect a PC and KUKA by ethernetkrl in a LOCAL network.(use a KUKA ethernetkrl demo "BinaryFixed" in installation package).

    Then,I put PC and KUKA in two different network(PC in, KUKA in,and use a techniq something like"openVPN",then PC can Ping KUKA(,and KUKA can Ping PC(,all are successfully,But i found PC and KUKA can not connect in BinaryFixed demo....(i have changed the BinaryFixed.xml to,and close all the firewall on KUKA and PC)

    Because they can Ping each other in different network,so i donnot know why they cannot establish connect by ethernetkrl,need you help,Thank you very much!

  • use a techniq something like"openVPN"

    ...that tells us exactly nothing. "Something like OpenVPN" covers a huge number of possibilities. When you start adding network complexities like this, just being able to ping is no guarantee of success with anything more complex.

    What is between the KRC and the target PC? Is the system in between handling the routing correctly? Is it configured to forward the port properly?

    You have both systems on 10.168 -- what are the netmasks? Are you certain that the ping traffic is even going over "openVPN?"

    Have you used WireShark or NetCat at different points along the network to see how far the packets are reaching? Have you tried NMap from the target PC, pointed at the KRC?

  • Thank you skyeFire,i will check them.

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