Fanuc Teach Pendant Fault no code

  • Hey guys, we are have an rj3ib and a arcmate100ib. The teach pendant shows a fault but no alarm code. There are some yellow codes but no red ones. Is there any other spot to check for error codes other than system > Alarm > active?

  • The red error led is lit, but there is no error in the alarm menu. I think you should check the correct errors automatically option. Normal running time gives the latch error and reset when the error is removed, but the red led continues to light if your control is defective. When you follow the cable with the lamps in the controller, you will see smd transistors on the electronic card that enable the lamps to light up and the transistor that burns the red LED is leaking voltage.

  • Thanks byrol. Ended up talking with Fanuc and they helped debug the issue. Hardware ended up fine and we did an init start. Cleared out the no fault code and robot is working again. We were setting up for a new purpose anyway so no issue to lose the previous settings.

  • Jacob2689

    Did you get any firm answer as to what the cause was?

    - I ask as I get this all the time in Roboguide (I know it's not the same) and a reset clears it.

    - Would be nice to know what it actually is related to for future reference.

  • Kwakisaki, I am not entirely sure other than to tell you it was software related. I checked all hardware using another box. The fanuc support was scratching their head and we decided to try the reset. Would have thought it was related to hand broken as that showed briefly in the log, but the hardware was reacting appropriately to the deadman. Hoping that it doesnt repeat, but if it does ill search for an exact root cause. Cheers

  • Cheers for that.

    In my opinion, if a fault is repeatable, then the root cause should always be located and I always have this 'reliance' on an OEM to know their product well enough to find the root cause as opposed to using 'blind' resets to just remove the fault.

    Granted, it gets it up an running again quicker, but there was a reason the fault occurred in the first place.

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