Allen Bradley to FANUC R30iA on Ethernet IP

  • I am just starting with Robots and still am a student. For my project I am communicating a FANUC R30iA with AB L32E PLC.

    I have tried following steps from this video

    1. I can ping the PLC from the teach pendant and I can ping both the robot and PLC on the PC.

    2. I have setup the Robot IP on a Ethernet Driver on RSlinx classic. Its missing an EDS and its showing up as a question mark with a RED cross.

    3. When I set up the Rack Number on the I/O on the teach pendant as 89 for Ethernet IP its giving me a Port Number Invalid error.

    4. In the PLC after setting the robot IP on a generic Ethernet IP driver I am not able to communicate with the robot.

    Any solutions or ideas which might work ??

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  • There is no option in I/Os for EthernetIP.

    In this case is there any solution to communicate on ethernet IP ?

    buy EthernetIP/Adapter option from Fanuc.

    E/IP option should be installed and shows in I/O section for communication over EthernetIP.

    As a plan B you can check whatelse you have Profibus/ProfiNET/DeviceNet/etc. And use Anybus converter to translate communication protocol into EthernetIP.

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