KUKA LBR iiwa SuMoSplineMotion Error

  • Hi there,

    I'm having a following problem. I'm using a motion batch to drive the path while continuously checking a "Quit" condition and breaking the motion when the Quit is true.

    motion = tool.move(rollFormingMove.setBlendingCart(5).breakWhen(cancelCondition));

    when the Quit condition happens, Safety Stop happens too and afterwards it is not possible to move robot anymore. The robot should move linRel 10cm from the position where it was stopped. Even though it is possible to move back (no axis limits, singularities...) - it doesn't move. After 3/5/10min the exceptions comes:

    "CK_COMPOUND_RETURN_ERROR Initialization failed. (SMM_INIT_FAILED_ERROR) froom compound "SuMoSplineMotion", instance "SplineMotion".

    I already tried using Spline instead of the motion batch but it doesn't change anything...

    The KRCDiag says:

    INFO   tCKLayer1  11:33:39.573 : handleStopRequest: CartImpWithJntInterface@LBR_iiwa_14_R820_1 drivesRampStop triggered after stop request
    ERROR  tCKLayer1  11:33:39.573 :  processInMaintaining (CartImpWithJntInterface@LBR_iiwa_14_R820_1) MaintainingExecute failed!
    ERROR  tCKLayer1  11:33:39.573 : SPR 0007.0001.0000004C (Spline Motion SPR) in 'Maintaining' goes to state invalid! Error = CK_COMPOUND_RETURN_ERROR!

    Any ideas?:loudly_crying_face:


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  • aimiaiko

    Changed the title of the thread from “SuMoSplineMotion Error” to “KUKA LBR iiwa SuMoSplineMotion Error”.
  • I think you need to provide more info about the error.

    First place to start trace might be the reason why safety stop happens as well when your motion stops .

    If the safety stop remains, you can check it on [station]-[safety]

    or if it occurs and disappears, [station]-[protocol] you can find previous errors.

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