KUKA LBR Emergency Protection Problem

  • Hallo all,

    I have the following problem with KUKA LBR with LR Controller 2009 and KCP2 Control Panel.

    I have buy the robot soon but I can not start it to jog. In the status windows show me following error massage:

    200 KS Drives contactor off

    1034 Error on writing, driver: DN2DRV

    482 LR LR: Position-Control

    364 KS Unknown Operation Mode (?)

    6503 Configuration error I/O DN2DRV

    420 KS Local Protective Stop (QE)


    20 KS External EMERGENCY STOP Pressed

    404 KS EMERGENCY STOP Safety controller

    310 KS Safety circuit for drives not deady

    I have read the KUKA Documentation and have simulate the EMERGENCY STOP signals on X11 connector but the error code can not be removed. I have make the other connector for simulate all protection inputs of X11 connector but again without result. (I attach the wiring diagram from the KUKA Documentation for simulate all protection inputs)

    Could you please help me with information or ideas where can be the problem or what cam be wrong. I need and information where going the signals from the X11 Connector on the Control unit?

    Thank you in advance!


    I have open the bottom metal cap and have see the ESC PCB. It have a one little button for restart I have press it but agian without result.

    From the KCP2 Controller I'm going to the menu Monitor > Diagnosis > ESC Diagnosis and after that shot me error massage in yellow

    ! 122 ESC Error reading diagnostic data

    I will attach the ESC PCB.

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