KUKA LBR Emergency Protection Problem

  • Hallo all,

    I have the following problem with KUKA LBR with LR Controller 2009 and KCP2 Control Panel.

    I have buy the robot soon but I can not start it to jog. In the status windows show me following error massage:

    200 KS Drives contactor off

    1034 Error on writing, driver: DN2DRV

    482 LR LR: Position-Control

    364 KS Unknown Operation Mode (?)

    6503 Configuration error I/O DN2DRV

    420 KS Local Protective Stop (QE)


    20 KS External EMERGENCY STOP Pressed

    404 KS EMERGENCY STOP Safety controller

    310 KS Safety circuit for drives not deady

    I have read the KUKA Documentation and have simulate the EMERGENCY STOP signals on X11 connector but the error code can not be removed. I have make the other connector for simulate all protection inputs of X11 connector but again without result. (I attach the wiring diagram from the KUKA Documentation for simulate all protection inputs)

    Could you please help me with information or ideas where can be the problem or what cam be wrong. I need and information where going the signals from the X11 Connector on the Control unit?

    Thank you in advance!

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  • this is NOT an IIWA robot with Sunrise Controller and smartPad.

    this is predecessor of IIWA where LR stands for "lightweight robot".

    like with other KRC2 units, teach pendant is KCP2 (Kuka Control Panel).

    So controller KRC2-LR is based on KRC2 but .... not to be confused with other variants like KRC2-SR:

    a) KRC2 and KRC2-ed05 are used for normal KUKA robots

    b) KRC2-SR is small controller for small robot arms (Denso)

    c) KRC2-LR is a small controller for lightweight robot arm (LBR4, predecessor of IIWA).

    all of them have X11 safety interface but .... each of them has different connections.

    in other words do NOT use some random "X11 circuit" such as one for KRC2 or KRC2-SR to make X11 connections on KRC2-LR or the other way around. always use correct documentation for your specific controller type or this can get expensive real fast - if you did not damage it already. for example first two circuits in X11 for KRC2-SR show E-Stop connections 1-20 and 2-21. But that is KRC2-SR and you don't want to make such connections on a KRC2-LR, because each of those connections creates short circuit between pulsed outputs TA24V(A) and TA24V(B)...

    Image below shows how KRC2-LR looks like. Note large label in upper left corner. Read it.

    Then get CORRECT documentation. Read it.

    Then connect things carefully and check your work.

    Then power up.

    So the first thing to check out should be READ FIRST:


    It tells among other things how and where to find info.

    for example:





    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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