Auto Singularity Avoid

  • Hello. I'm working on project in witch i use robot to put metal parts in container or pallet. I constantly get singularity error. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    I found video that show me auto singularity mode :

    Is it build in or i must buy some option to resolve that problem. I'm using M710iC robot .

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  • Auto singularity avoidance is an option you will have to buy.

    But first, look if you can change the problematic linear moves into joint moves.

    If that is not possible, change the orientation of the arm so that axis 4 is not in line with axis 6. (most of the time that's the problem.)

    Or change the angle of the tool and the axis-6 flange.

    If that don't help, look at the variable :

    $PARAM_GROUP[1].$snglrty_stp make it FALSE and do a cold start

    WARNING !! This way the robot will not stop at a singularity witch can lead to very unpredictable movements !!

    When this all don't help, you will have to buy the option...

  • Singularities should always be considered/eliminated at the 'reach study stage' of any project such as (to name a couple):

    1. Robot pedestal height.

    2. Target object height.

    3. Transitional areas (Air Moves).

    kluk-kluk  rumblefish

    I have to agree totally, to just buy an option, enable it and expect it eliminate the problem and not have any adverse effects could be an expensive purchase without exploring other options first such as physical layout alteration and couple of additional via points, touchups.

    If you are in a position with Roboguide or can ask someone with Roboguide to put a quick simulation together and enable the option in software first and do some trial runs before blindly purchasing the option, you would have some 'simulation' results to bolster whether the option would be successful or not.

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  • Thank you all. I cant move container or robot. You have been very helpful. Doe to the nature of problem, I think , the only solution is to buy the option.

  • With this option the robot slows down while travelling through singularities.
    You activate it in the header of your TPE- program,.

    Sometimes it helps to rotate the robot a little (J1).

    Currently i'm also working with a robot where I have to use the option :(

  • Did you try to use the WJNT (Wrist Joint) option? I think this option is free.

    MENU -> SYSTEM -> CONFIG -> WJNT for default motion: (ADD, line 25 on my R30iB).

    This option helped me a couple of times to avoid singularities, when I did not need an exact linear motion.

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