Extreme slow movement after controller boot up.

  • Good Morning everyone,


    Robot: KUKA KR 10 R1100-2

    Controller: KRC4

    Firmware version: v.8.5.7

    Workvisual version: 6.0

    Profinet: KRC 4 Profinet 4.1

    Option Packages: Diagnosis Safetyy v3.0.0

    SafeOperations 3.4.6


    Higher Level PLC:


    TIA Portal: V13 sp2

    CPU: 315F-2PN/DP

    Fail-Safe DI-modules: F-DI 24x24 VDC HF

    Fail-Safe DO-modules: F-DO 8x24 VDC 2A HF




    I have simple project consisted of 1 program with 20 camera controls and automatic home initialization implemented, in case customer would like to cancel the process or power drop.

    Every step or point has its value in stored in USINT and for the case of power down stored in PLC, Which is returning this value. Everything is working just fine except power drop case.


    Everytime during initialization, after powering up the controler in EXT, and robot is not in home position, movements are executed extremely slow, until I turn the drives off and on again. i´ve checked every file and couldn´t find any reason why is the speed decreased. Any Idea?

    Thank you guys for your help.

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