Stop position prediction

  • Hello there,

    I'm relativetly new to robotics and I already got a case of refectoring and I just can't find the answers I need, so please help!

    So there is this Plant with a CNC Machine and a R-2000iC/210L Fanuc Robot for the loading of 80kg pieces. The former programmer did not use DCS from the beginning and the robot's movements are very close to the fence, so I had to implement a few Zones (without stopping the production). The Zones worked fine, but as soon as I activate the "Stop position prediction" I have to lower the velocity so hard the robot looks like a snail :wallbash: and it obviously don't attend the customer's cycle time. So finally the questions which came in my mind:

    - Is it absolutely necessary to use this "stop position prediction" everytime I use DCS Zones?

    - If I dont use it, will it affect the performance level or safety from the plant?

    - What is the usual practice in such cases? Let the 100% velocity and hope the fence hold the robot in a worst case scenario?

    I really don't know whats the best procedure here, a complete programm rewriting would take months and I don't think the customer wants to pay for that :/

    Thank you all in advance!

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    Stop prediction will prevent damage to the robot. Robot will not hit the fence (or go outside the defined box) at any speed.

    If fence is robust enough to withstand robot hitting it at full speed and there is no danger to people, maybe performance level is not affected. But I'm not sure ...

    I would reprogram problematic points.

  • Going to jump in and add to this:

    1. Check your Payload settings (Menu -> System -> Motion) and make sure they are accurate for the robot and any tooling + part it has.
    2. Make sure the DCS Tool Frames and DCS User Models are set up properly, and are being switched when needed (typically with the DCS Tool Change functionality)
    3. DCS Stop Position prediction has an "Expand Point as a Line" option (Menu -> System -> DCS -> Stop Position Prediction) that will expand the DCS models in the direction of travel only, not universally in all directions. Note this may change whether the model triggers adjacent zones that aren't perpendicular to the the robot's direction of travel, so make sure to re-risk assess appropriately.

    And as always, I suggest taking the FANUC DCS traning course and an RIA risk assessment training course if you are doing any type of DCS or safety implementation, as there are a lot of "gotcha's" in safety that you should watch out for.

    Asking the safety expert is always a good idea too, better to have more people looking at it than less!

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