XRC controller I/O

  • Hi everyone

    I am working with robot Motoman UP6 and XRC controller. I want to know about XRC controller's I/O, Which devices it can connect to? how to connect?

    Thank you so much!!

  • With the XRC you need to add a card to communicate with other serial devices. However, the XRC robots have come to the end of there life span and most of these cards are not made any more. Back in the day you could get ;

    Device-Net (Master and Slave)


    MOD-Buss plus



  • Robodoc

    Thank you very much. Your information is very helpful to me

    One more question. I want to connect XRC controller with my laptop. Which way is convenient for me without spending a lot of money?
    I think i can find a sandisk CF card 32mb in my country.


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