ComArc Sensor

  • Hello guys,

    Does anyone know how to set up the ComArc sensor with a practical example?or the Search seam finding?

    The robot is Motoman MA2010 with DX200 and Fronius 500 TPSi welding source.

    Thank you in advance:)

  • Are you doing ComArc through the weld wire? Is the seam finding (TouchSense) done through the weld wire or a external sensor (AccuFast I or II)?

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • Can you be a little more specific? I regularly use comarc on a DX100 so I may be able to answer your questions.

    What do you mean "set up"? Like, install the detector hardware to the welder and controller? How to configure it on the pendant? How to use it in a job?

    Like, what kind of practical example do you want to see? Applications? Inform? A tutorial?

    I'm not really sure where to start, lol. Have you read through the docus for comarc on the website? They're pretty thorough.

  • Hi. Thanks for reply.

    I need to know how to use it in a job, with a practical example (i have read the comarc intructions but no succes). I don't know what i-m not doing right.

    Maybe a tutorial will be very usefull to me.

    Thank you in advance

  • Can you still be more specific? Comarc, if I remember correctly, is a full day course. It's hard to explain everything about Comarc setup and execution on the internet on a topic that takes 6.5 hours to explain in a classroom.

    Touch Sensing is another full day.

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • So, to set up the Sensor i did the following:

    I made a welding program with SComArcOn instruction

    After this I went to Utility=>Setup Run Special=>ComArc Measure Mode-VALID

    I set up the S1E197 parameter to 1

    The conditions for the weaving was FHz 2.5, Amp 2.5 with 160 A

    After all of this i made a weld on a flat surface (on a test part).

    Further i went to Utility=>Comarc Cond. Modify and i had a ComArc Phase Comp. (param. 84 with 198 phase comp. In my case) after this I have modified the S1E084 paramater with 198 (S1E084=198).

    Forwards i set the S1E197 parameter back to 1 and the ComArc Measure Mode to INVALID and after all this setup (i don’t know if i did well) i tried to make a corner weld but with a deviation from the where should it be from just to see if the sensor works and is not working.

    Anyone have an idea?


  • Hi! I think its important how you put the refp points for the weaving in comarc. refp1 on the "wall top" and refp2 on the bottom plate.

    Set up also in settings ARC WELDING -> COMARC COND. -> COMARC

    Choose and set up the : condition , Vertical monitor and Horizontal monitor.

    Maybe this help u :D

  • Why SCOMARC? Are you using coordinated motion?

    Also COMARC isn't really for finding the seam, it's for staying in it. There are touch macros and such to do those things... Comarc uses the weave motion and for the most part, contact with the part to verify that it's still in the seam... generally by running a sine wave of a frequency and amplitude that you define in a comarc page file, and constant current feedback at the peaks and valleys of the aforementioned wave.

    So you've got it working, just not properly? Can we see some of your code?

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