• I have 2 FANUC Arcmate robots both with RJ3iB controllers. One is a 100iB and the other is a 120iB. The 100iB arm itself is no longer usable but the controller and external positioners are good. The 120iB is still in great shape but does not have any external axis, it is a stand alone. Can I swap out just the robot (manipulator) with the 100iB controller so that I can utilize the external axis.

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    I am afraid that won't work.

    The 120ib is a heavier robot and needs a bigger servodrive.

    Also the variables will not match the other robot.

    Better is to look if you can hook the external positioners on the controller of the 120ib.

  • Thanks K, I considered the 120iB to have a different amperage as well. I am going to switch the external axis over today, I will post my findings later today.

  • Wow...That was extremely easy. Just hooked up the externals, amplifier and axis card on main CPU. PREV-n-NEXT start and changed the settings. Thanks for the nudge.

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