Keep rotation angles from one point to another

  • Im using vision to pick up a part .

    I have few simple motions


    TriggIO TriggVac, 50,\DOp:=do16_VacOn, 1;

    TriggJ Offs(pPick,0,0,50),v7000,TriggVac,z10,tPointer\WObj:=wobjVision;


    MoveL Offs(pPick,0,0,PartHeight),v1000,fine,tPointer\WObj:=wobjVision;


    pTemp:= CRobT (\Tool:= tPointer \WObj:= wobjvision);

    Movel RelTool(pTemp,0,0,-50),v3000,z10,tPointer\WObj:=wobjvision;

    All this works fine. From here I want to go to a mid point (between pick and place) BUT I want to keep the rotation (axis 6).

    Remember that I Just pick a part and the angle was giving to me by the camera

    I have this

    There is a column that I need to avoid. QUESTION: How do I get to this point with the orientation of my last pick up ?


    MoveJ\Conc, pInteference, vmax, z100, tPointer;

    Approaching place

    MoveJ\Conc, pAppPlace, vmax, z100, tPointer;

    Retired but still helping

  • Why not Reltool again to the position? Otherwise, after you move up and away,

    pTemp:=CRobT(\Tool:= tPointer \WObj:= wobjvision);


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