Coordinated Motion between IRB1600 and External Axis

  • I have gone through the procedure of Defining the Base frame of the robot and the user frame of the positioner as well as created a new work object. I can jog the positioner and the robot follows a pointer I have mounted on it, but I need the weld gun to stay vertical throughout the movement of the positioner due to the type of welding we are doing with this setup.

    What am I missing?

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  • I don't recall needing to define the base frame for doing such. It sounds like you selected "allow_move__of_userframe", which is correct. Check your baseframe, it should be 1,0,0,0. If you start with the torch vertical, it should not only follow, but also hold the orientation.

  • I removed the base frame calibration and checked the allow_move_of_userframe which is selected. The torch still wants to rotate with the external axis while fixed at whatever point I place it in.

  • So it is following, as it should, but I thought that there was an orientation change, from the way I read it. Now I think that what you want is stationary torch while table rotates work piece. Program an ArcC opposite the direction of rotation with a speed exactly counter to the surface feet per minute of revolution.

  • Just want to confirm that you understand what I'm trying to explain. If it tilt the rotator 20 degrees the robot tcp follows the point I have on the rotator while it rotates but now the weld gun is also 20 degrees tilted. I want to be able to rotate and keep the gun vertical.

    Thanks for your help by the way, I appreciate it.

  • If the robot "rotates" / follows your pointer, then it means that your coordination is working correctly (assuming it doesn't drift too far from the pointer).

    If you want the torch to stay stationary / maintain it's orientation while welding, then you have to program it that way.

    When you jog the positioner, switch your robot to World and Linear before switching to the positioner, if you now jog the positioner the robto should stay still and you can adjust the positions more easily.

    How you "record" the positions doesn't matter (i.e. you don't need to jog it coordinated to have the "playback" be coordinated), just make sure you have the correct workobject active the whole time.

    What kind of part are you welding ?

  • We have a process of embedding granular carbide into the weld puddle and the hopper for the carbide is mounted on the gun. This makes us have to keep the weld gun vertical at all times.

    Thanks for the help SAABoholic!

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