Exporting tooling model from roboguide for use on teach pendant

  • I have imported a tool model into roboguide, now i want to export that model so i can load it into the physical system and view that model on the touch pendant in 4d graphics. I have read the 4-d customization procedure (section 3.13 of the Handling tool manual) which says to export the tooling4d.xml and worcell4d.xml files from roboguide. But when i do this from the virtual pendant and open the exported files, there is no data. My guess is that i need to get the models from the roboguide cell into the virtual teach pendant, then i can export the graphics files. How do i get the tooling models in roboguide into the virtual pendant? Currently, i have a tool model imported into roboguide and mounted. I can see the model in the roboguide simulation, but when i open the virtual pendant and navigate to 4-graphics the i only see a blank robot model...

    Any insight is appreciated.

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