FlexVision "for dummies" manual?

  • So, I've got zero background in FlexVision, but got an urgent assignment to support several production IRC5s (RW 6.04) that are running it (version

    Just to flaunt the depths of my ignorance :icon_redface:... it looks like FV runs on a separate computer, and communicates with the IRC5 over TCP/IP? I've just started digging into the robot backup. And the "backup" from the FV unit is a lot of XML files, and... what looks like some Cognex VisionPro files?

    Anyway, does anyone know of any FV manuals that start at the "for dummies" level? :party1:

  • Hi

    Are you questioning the Flex Feeder with integrated vision ?

    If you are, I have documentation and sample programs but I will not be at the shop until Tuesday (Long Thanks Giving weekend in Canada).

    I work for a feeder company and ABB lent it to us few months ago to test it


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