RobotStudio "Create from backup" issue

  • I'm using RS 2019.3, and had no problems using the "create from backup" option with a backup from an IRC5 running RW 6.08.

    However, I just got an urgent assignment to support some IRC5s that are running RW 6.04.1027. And the "create from backup" option isn't working on backups from these robots.

    I used the "Add-ins" menu to add RW 6.04.01, 6.04.02, 6.04.03, and 6.04.05, but no matter which one I select in the "create station" page, the "Create" button remains grayed-out.

    The only other hint I see is that there's an empty drop-down for "PRDM-R00000728-A", but I don't appear to have anything to fill that box. And searching for PRDM in the add-ins window turns up nothing.

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  • This is a custom robot?

    Can You post the contents of backfinfo.txt here?

    It is only a guess, but this PRDM looks like an option, and maybe You will need to put this option on Your RobotStudio mediapool folder, to create a cell from backup.

    If You have access to the real robot, You will probably find this inside robot's home folder.

    If yes, just copy the complete folder to Your mediapool PC's folder.

  • BackInfo attached, and a screenshot of what I'm seeing in RS.

    Nothing in the robot's Home folder that has PRDM anywhere in the name.

    Hm... I have a few different RobotStudio versions installed. My 2019.3 is installed to c:\Program Files (x86)\ABB\RobotStudio 2019\, but there's no "MediaPool" folder in that directory tree. However, under c:\Program Files (x86)\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\ there is a MediaPool directory, alongside the directories RobotLoad and RobotStudio 6.08. Would this be the correct MediaPool directory for RS 2019, or does 2019 use a different directory structure than 6.x?

  • SkyeFire, thi PRODUCTS_ID section of Your backinfo.txt

    RobotWare Version:
    PRDM-R00000728-A Version: 9.10.2015 <===

    Really means You need an additional option installed on Your computer to use this PRDM, whatever it is.

    Last time I've saw and option with a name like this, it referred to an external axis.

    On Home folder of Your robot, You have any other subfolder?

    About the mediapool location on RS 2019, I can't answer, because the latest I have here is 6.08, and my mediapool locaton is the same of Yours.

  • Yeah, ABB seems to have changed a lot with the jump to 2019. And not just the version numbering. :)

    The only sub-directories under Home are some storage for some .SYS and .MOD files that appear to be encrypted, and are in the "load on boot" section of SYS.CFG.

    This robot has SafeMove and FlexVision, and only the normal 6-axis arm -- no external axes or other extra motion units. The only other options appear to be ProfiNet and DeviceNet(?!), but DN isn't being used anywhere AFAICT.

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    The biggest change was not in RobotStudio, it was in RobotWare after version 6.

    In the past there was additional options to add more features to the system, now ABB changed to rpk package system.

    The old one was a folder which you have to copy to the mediapool, the new one is a compressed file that you have to install from RobotStudio addin tab. In the old system was possible to copy the folder from inside robot flash, in the new one it's not possible. And also with the old one it was possible to change files inside, the new one is checked against tampering.

    So this PRDM is an additional package for RobotWare 6, to create this system you have to get this package from the creator.

    I was certain that the name prdm was not strange to me. It's the ifwc, a framework used in Ford powertrain plants. I have it here, but for copyright issues I can't share it here, so you have to ask your customer or ABB US about it.

  • Well, when I try to do the "create from Backup", RS shows :


    Original Version 9.10.0005.2015

    System.XML shows:

    <Media path="PRDM-R00000728-A_9.10.0005.2015" name="PRDM-R00000728-A" version="9.10.0005.2015" />

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