LR Mate 100i R-J2 vs. R-J3iB Controller Power

  • Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I want to make very sure about this before I just throw power into a cabinet:

    I'm swapping a 1994ish LR Mate 100i with an R-J2 controller for a much newer LR Mate 100iB with an R-J3iB controller. I opened the R-J3iB and was pretty surprised to see that the main power terminal blocks are for L1 and L2, so I looked at the nameplate on the controller and it is called out as 220V single phase, 60 Hz. Was this a controller bought with the option, or are a lot of the Mate controllers 220V single phase?

    The R-J2 coming off is three phase (but I'm not 100% sure of the voltage) and it looks like we're pulling power from the drop into the CNC cabinet.

    So am I going to need a 220V single phase drop to power this? Or is there a setting/configuration somewhere that means I could run this on three phase? I ask because some CNC machines can be wired for 1 or 3 phase, and even automatically detect the power they are wired to.

    Dropping a single phase line isn't the end of the world, but our facilities guys are pretty busy right now.

    Also, if anyone has the installation documentation for an R-J3iB controller, I would appreciate it. I got all of the standard manuals from the reseller we bought the robot from, but not the install sheet I'm used to seeing with new robots (i.e. the double sided page of 'DON'T DO THIS' stuff Fanuc ships out with new robots these days.)

    Thanks all!

  • You could use a spare 3-phase disconnect on your old R-J2 incoming 3-ph 200VAC and simply bring 2 phases out.

    The R-J3iB Mate controller comes in single and 3-ph versions.

    The Mate controller maintenance manual will have an installation section.

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