Two iiwa's on one desktop

  • Hi,

    Does anyone have experience setting up two iiwas on a single desktop pc ?

    If you have the appropriate number of Ethernet ports, it should be possible, right ?

    Currently we can ping the x66 port of each IIWA when only one of them is connected to our PC.

    But when we connect both to the PC we can only ping one and not the other.

    Our setup consists of two usb-Ethernet adaptors to which are connect to the respective x66 ports

    of the IIWA's.

    Kind regards and thanks for any help.

  • The best way is to use a small Network hub, connect your PC + 2 Robots to the hub and set your PC's IP to something like / and be sure to have both robots use different IPs, because the default one is, and you'll have address conflict if you don't change your second robot's IP from the StationSetup--> Configuration-->IP

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