6th axis Upper and lower joint bond

  • Is It okay to increase the Upper and and lower Joint bound of 6th axis?

    Rotation am getting 359 degree, i need to make that to it possible?

    where can we find the max allowed limit data to an axis ?

    Thank You

  • I have done that before. It is in the MOC.cfg or system parameters if you are using the pendant. Upper joint bound, lower joint bound, in Radians. Some robot types might be a bad idea, have to make sure that the internal wiring won't get stretched/broken.

  • Even i have thought about it.Unlike other joints 6th axis is just rotation right, there is no mechanical stopper or anything like that.

    In a sense i feel like there wont be any much physical damage but i really wanna know whether it is really okay to do that ?

    • Helpful

    Axis 6 is capable of infinite degrees of rotation provided that any cabling to the whatever is mounted to the 6th axis can meet the amount of rotation you require. ABB offers independent motion.... this allows you to update the revolution counter (rev count) to the exact place it was within the current 360 revolution. Just a thought perhaps you need to unwind then just go to the MOC (motion) parameters then sub catagory ARM and set the upper or lower joint bound to the rotaion you need....this value is in radians so convert the angle to radians

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