Robot MIG Welder

  • Hello I am using Robot welder Dx200 controller, during welding Alarm code 9001" missing arc start confirm" apear. How to solve this problem? please help

  • I have moved your post to the relevant board, so that you may get more replies.

    If it has been working prior (ie not an installation/commissioning stages).

    I would say you are unable to strike Arc to start welding therefore can only recommend:

    - Check welding surface is clean and contaminate free.

    - Check Electrode for contamination/sticking in the wire feeder.

    - Check IO wiring between controller and weld power source.

    - Check Welding station is correctly grounded.

  • I my experience I had similar problem with DX100 and Miller power supply.

    What I found is power supply was equipped with weld monitor which takes feedback reading from nozzle and make sure robot welds properly with parameter we have set.

    I my case feed back cable coming from nozzle was worn out. And we ended up replacing that cable. But till we receive that cable we disable weld monitor and disconnected feedback cable to keep up with production. If you do so there is good chance that weld quality might compromised.

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