Fanuc UK Teach Pendent Repair Cost

  • Hi all,

    Has anyone preferably in the UK sent a teach pendent with a cracked casing to Fanuc for repair and could let me know how much it cost you.

    The teach pendent is in perfect working order the only damage is to the plastic casing from a drop on a concrete floor.

    More specifically the pendent is for the R30-IB controller.

    I have attached a picture of the pendent below.


    Matt S

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  • Here in US, there is a company called ICR [industrial control repair], which repaired my teach pendant for $1150.00 us dollars, for small issue inside teach pendant and cracked casing, so you should find something less than above amount.

  • You can buy the shells on eBay. I've seen them from $150US to $500US depending on model type.

    It says they are Fanuc brand but also says it ships from China so i'm not entirely sure on quality i guess. They also sell protective soft bumper covers on a few sites if you google search for them. *hint* *hint* ;)

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  • You could always try 3d print something, say print off the missing piece or even print off a protective bumper to stick around it if its being used by slippery fingers, should end up cheaper if price is a concern.

  • Take a dry erase marker and darken the plastic around the crack. Take a piece of wide tape and lay it over the hole, then remove. Anywhere ink didn't transfer - thats your hole shape and size.

    Lay it on a sheet of paper then use a document scanner to scan it into the PC.

    Bring it into any cad/modeling software and extrude to the thickness (or just above) of the original plastic. Export as STL.

    Have it laser cut from a plastic sheet, or 3d printed.

    Heat it with a bulb or element, bend it into the L shape. Dry fit it and trim to fit perfectly.

    Epoxy the shit out of it to the original.

    Total cost: $10.

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