R-30iB MATE PLUS IO-DEVICE Configuration

  • Hi Guys,

    I am having issues with configuring profinet betwen mate plus and siemens s1500. I have set same name of device in TIA and Fanuc Profinet. I have set up my IP address same on PLC and FANUC, kept gateway as, but yet still it comes back with "Connection never established".

    I have a GSDML file "GSDML-V2.33-FANUC-A05B2600R834V910-20180517" in my TIA, my robot version is v9.10P/22.

    Any ideas?






    What is most important is that I can see the Robot device in my accesible devices and I can assign name or IP to it, but I can not detect it in my hardware configuration (comes up as unreachable). Do you think I have a wrong GSD file?

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  • Have you installed the config in to the FANUC PN card? Also, if you have a switch/router in between the two, it will need to be defined in the Net config/HW setup in TIA. I just went through this with 1500 and R2000 30iB as a matter of fact. A lot of head thumping since I'm an EIP person.

  • rumblefish

    "Have you installed the config in to the FANUC PN card?" - I didn't even know that this has to be done.. could you give me some more details about it?

    I have been aware of the TIA net config, but thanks for remainding.

    I did notice that profinet manual says "3 Setup PROFINET I/O function by PROFINET setup screens of the robot controller." but I have not found where that setup screen is..

    Okay, I have managed to get this working without this PROINET I/O screen - it seems to me like I just don't have it, but I done it in Profinet(M) screen.

    The problem I have now is that as soon as I modify my i/O (change from 16 to 64 for instance or add new IO module) it stops working.. TIA is not recognizing it as the same device. To recover it I have to perform a control start and configure it all again...

    This is really painful :(

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  • My robot had the CP1604 for what its worth. Couple of items.

    1. Profinet has some setup in Controlled start. Check this to verify it's setup correctly. You should also have a PROFINET screen under setup as well. If not you might verify the option is loaded. This menu allows for device/controller config and IO assignment

    2. Robot config - I used TIA v15 and made a HW config that had PLC, switch and robot. I believe the CP1604 is configured as a Simatic workstation also. Config the robot HW io in this and then download it to the robot PN card. We did have to update the CP1604 FW as well.

    I apologize, I don't have this project in front of me so this is from memory. I remember it was a headache to get through but seemed easy after we finished. Hopefully this helps.

  • rumblefish thanks rumblefish for all your comments. I have managed to get a connection between PLC/Fanuc (simply assign IP and name from TIA - don't change anything on the fanuc side) and then it works. The problem now is that I don't have Profinet in my setup menu and when I make any changes in Profinet from I/O menu (I add slot or change DI/DO size) it all collapse and TIA doesn't recognize Fanuc anymore (comes up with device different type)

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