Ethernet/IP boolean (1bit)

  • Is it possible to access an on/off value directly over ethernet/ip in the YRC1000 controller? The base data type is BYTE. I don't want to use arrays, can I map those 8-bits into individual inputs in the ladder editor or something? What is the proper way to do this?

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    You can map them via the ladder both inputs and outputs to physical IO or over ethernet. I believe one of the manuals covers this, maybe the ladder manual or the ethernet IP manual? If you look in the ladder you will find physical IO already mapped to the robot job IO using BMOVs, you can used this same thing to map over ethernet IP. Make sure you don't double map to any outputs twice or it will error.

    Alternatively you can CIP MSG write and read most data in the controller including bytes - Inputs/outputs, position variables as arrays of ints or dints, system information, alarm messages as strings. This opens up a world of communication possibilities. I want to say all of that info is in the Ethernet IP manual.

  • In the end I didn't have to do anything. The controller had mapped all these IOs already, both external and E/IP, with the POWERON signal. I got the first row of E/IP IOs starting at [33].

    I ordered the controller with E/IP installed, so most likely those rungs in user ladder were loaded in the factory.

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