• Hi to everyone,

    We are working with two KUKA Robots (system software 8.3 version) equipped with the ATI F/T Sensor Omega160.

    The KUKA software for the force control we are using is the KUKA.ForceControl3.1.

    When we connect the F/T cable directly to the KLI port, the F/T application is excecuted perfectly fine (RSI connect).

    A Phoenix Contact switch (FL SWITCH SFNB 5TX) has been installed and therefore we have connected the FT cable to it and an ethernet cable from the switch to the KLI port.

    The first time we power on the robots, we are not able to achieve a connection with the FT sensor (Please see attached figure), getting the "RSI_CREATE: Connect error FTD6_SEN" error.

    Thus and in order to resolve this issue, we change the ethernet cables directly to KLI (thus loosing connection with a PLC), we do a Cold Start with reload files and the FT sensor is reconnected.

    After we achieve a connection for the first time we can connect the cables to the switch and from there it works fine.

    Is there a better way to achieve a connection directly from the start?

    Thanks in advance

  • That's very odd. I would try a different switch, or try changing the settings in the existing switch (if it is a managed switch). My first guess is that the switch is trying to be "helpful" and managing the initial connect event in some way that is not compatible with RSI.

    If the switch is managed, I would try setting it to directly pass all traffic on the port you're using for the FTC, with no control or management over that port.

  • Thanks a lot for the answer.

    The switch seems to be unmanaged and there is nothing that we can change or configure on it.

    We will try with another switch and see if the probled is resolved.

  • Have you checked if both FT-Sensors have the same default IP? That might be the problem here. You can connect them directly to a computer and acces them via the web browser to change the IPs.

    Afterwards you have to change the IPs of the FT6D_SEN Blocks in your RSI application.

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