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  • I have an issue on a Fanuc controller where I can't background edit a certain job, it says that the program is already in BCK EDT, but it is not. What do I do to fix this issue?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Check your other screens... maybe it's being edited in another panel.

    SHIFT+DISP > Triple then SELECT on each pane. You should see the name of the program being edited (if any) in the Comment column next to -BCKEDIT*-.

    If it's being edited, you can hit ENTER to bring up the editor and then EDCMD > End_edit to exit.

    If it's actually not being edited in any of those screens, I don't know why the controller would report that.

  • The reason of the error is that the background edit may be resumed only in the window where it was started.

    Identify, in the system variable group $BACK_EDIT, which of the BACK_EDIT[n] contains the name of the program, in its .$SRC_NAME.

    The index of the BACK_EDIT[n] indicates the window number, where the program background edit was started.

    Open new windows, until the SELECT menu contains the necessary BACK_EDIT[n].

    Windows 1..3 may be open on the TP, 4+ only from PC browser "Navigate Teach Pendant" window.

    Resume or end the background edit of the program in the discovered window.

  • On the TP I have bckedits 1-3, but when I log in from a browser I am in 7-9. I need to get to BCKEDIT 4 which has a program open that I need cleared from there so I can use back ground edit on it. Any ideas how I can get to 4-6?

  • You have to make sure you are clicking on the link that says "PC Remote iPendant" if it doesn't say PC it won't be right.

    Also you have to make sure Internet Explorer isn't redirecting it to open in Edge. I see that happening a lot now that IE is obsolete.

  • I did try on IE11 (not redirected to edge) and it still pulls up 7-9. I had IT set me up with a virtual machine running IE8, and I was able to get to 4-6 through HMI (PC Ipendant just hangs up trying to connect). But using this when I hit end edit it will not bring up the pop that usually says something like "do you want to implement the changes?" I was also wrong in my original post. It is BCKEDT6 that has the program open not 4.

  • Thank you! I can confirm the menus are still working without the pop ups. I tested it on BCKEDT7 with a different program and was able to get out of it by hitting the correct buttons/sequence even without the pop up graphic showing up.

    I'm having troubles again getting back into BCKEDT4-6 even back on the virtual machine with IE8. This has to be one of the stranger things I've dealt with. Is there anyway to force the controller into 4-6. It seems like it was totally random when it connected to 4-6, and I cannot get it back. I cleared browser history as well as power cycled the robot hoping that would reset things, but that didn't do anything and I'm back to being stuck in 7-9.

  • Try rebooting your VM and rebooting the robot. It used to be very consistent with IE, but with recent Windows updates it seems to be very finnicky.

    If you have an old Windows 7 laptop that might work better.

  • I rebooted the VM with no change, rebooted the robot a couple times and one of the times it worked. Would it matter if the robot is "running" vs just being powered on? I connected to it after a reboot without having the operators restart the program, and it finally brought up 4-6. Finally freed up that program!

    Side note: I've closed and open several browsers (IE, Edge, and Chrome) since trying to figure out when it switches to 7-9. I still have no clue. It is back to 7-9 on IE and Chrome and on 4-6 on Edge at the moment.

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