Kuka Programming Software Vrs FAnuc Vrs ABB

  • Hi All,

    Quick Question,

    Upcoming project that is going to be 4 robots with very similar routines.

    I have lots of experience with ABB robots and really like the way I can Write code via the Robot Studio Platform.

    Now recently I had a one off FANUC project and I did not like the way I couldn't program the robot via a laptop and download into the robot via a laptop. (i Know you can use the ascii option or buy the very expensive software to achieve this)

    To me it should just be a standard option to have this capability,

    Now for the question,

    I have no experience with KUKA but was wondering if any of you guys do ?

    Would KUKA robot programming be like the ABB ( with a free version of software to write code in and download via a laptop )

    Or would KUKA robots be more like the FANUC ?

    Thanks in Advance


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  • KUKA will be more like an ABB. If it's a new(er) KUKAbot, you can use KUKA's free WorkVisual software to carry out robot configuration and programming over a network. Or, like an ABB, you can edit (most) of the files offline in a plain text editor, then load them into the robot using a USB drive.

    The language will be different, of course, and the I/O configuration follows a different "philosophy" than ABB or Fanuc. KUKAs only have 2 Task equivalents (one foreground "motion" task and one "background" task, although the newest KRCs will usually have an option for multiple background tasks).

    Your best line of approach is to watch the WorkVisual training videos on KUKA's website.

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