Nachi collaborative robot

  • I've got a project coming up with one of these, anyone here worked with one yet? Any differences other than some changes to the RMU?

    Can't imagine its too different, Fanuc's version was just an additional change to DCS.

  • AD
  • Your question has insufficient data what you want to know ?

    RMU and DCS are different in operation.

    Anyways It doesn't requires safety devices such safety fence, light curtain.

    Robot stops immediately when interference occurs which results to safety of manpower and machine.

    Nachi has CZ10 as collaborative robot.

  • I wasn't asking anything specific, just wondering about anyone's experience. I'm experienced with RMU & DCS w/collaborative just not RMU's collaborative and was wondering if anyone has had any pitfalls (there is always something).

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