KRC4 IO-mapping

  • In our project with KRC4 8.5.7 HF1 and KR 90 R3100 extra HA, we have Profinet communication to an IO-device.
    For diagnostic purposes we want to show input and output communciation with the device on a HMI-panel connected to the plc that is
    in turn connected to the KRC4 by Profinet.
    To achieve that it is possible to connect the KRC-inputs (from IO-device) to KRC-outputs mapped to the plc.
    For the outputs that are sent to the IO-device, I found as only solution mapping the KRC-outputs that are already mapped to the IO-device, also to KRC inputs that were not already mapped and then mapping these KRC-inputs to KRC-outputs that are already mapped to the plc.
    For that last situation : making outputs to the IO-device visible on the HMI of plc, if found the above as only solution. Is this a good solution?
    What I want to avoid is copying IO's in the submit interpreter.

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