PLC / External Device Communication

  • Hi everyone!
    I am really confused with protocol communication in s4c systems
    There are some types of protocol such as 350 (DeviceNet ) and 351 (InterBus - S)
    The manual says that these units expand amount of Input/Output signals
    But then I don't quite understand how can I configure a program "word" or pass commands
    For example I want to connect Fronius 4000 via DeviceNet and I have commands to control it. (like weld correction , wire speed , schedule number, any supervision outputs)
    How can I program s4c controller to pass needed commands
    I read that I can divide signals by groups of 8 signals (in result I have 1 byte of information) but still don't understand how to control it

    And what about PLC?
    What is the best practice to connect PLC? How it works?
    Thank you!!

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  • A D350 is not for devicenet slave communication, it is Allen Bradley RIO card. It is connected internally to the robot's CAN bus, but to a PLC, with a "blue hose" connection. Like 4 wires, from what I can remember. IOPlus is the DNET slave option activates the CAN2 bus, from which you can connect to a PLC using devicenet. The S4C will use the D350, not sure if the others are backward compatible. I do know that IRC5 will not like D350. D350A is newer version, more devicenet compliant. Don't know about the "b". The Configuration file can be found in your mediapool under baseware version, utility folder/service/ioconfig/.

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